Please Consider Being A Foster Family!

So Many times we are forced to turn away beagles due to lack of space. We run our rescue out of our homes and 99% of the beagles adopted through Penny Angels make their homes with either us or our volunteers for a period of time.

Most beagles placed in shelters will never find their way out. We stay in contact and make sure all our "beagle" friends are pulled out of this situation! Especially, the "kill" shelters!!! It is not unusual for us to get beagles from Ohio or Virginia Kill Shelters!

Most likely there is a wonderful little beagle face there begging for us to take it and give it a family! Could you just walk away?

Foster families are so very important to the work or rescue. Not only due they fill the need for a place for the beagle to stay before they are adopted! They are usually able to provide much more attention and training than even we can since we are so often "spread too thin".

Fostering beagles is good for you! You will have a continuous source of unconditional love. You will discover a world of precious personalities. You will feel really need!

I you choose to foster...Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue will pay for your expenses involved for medical care and routine Vet visits. Possible even food and heartworm preventative!

Now, we Beg of you will you please save the life of a Beagle?

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